Preparation for Boarding

Here are some useful tips to make your boarding experience smooth for you and your pet.

Reserve Early

Be sure to reserve early. We tend to book quickly during holidays, vacation times, and weekends. To reserve a spot, simply call us at (727)-345-2852.

Preparing Your Pet

Don’t overfeed your pet prior to boarding or taking a trip. Doing this can result in stomach upset since pets often become excited when they are leaving home or riding in a car.

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, you may consider short overnight stays or daycare at the pet motel prior to the extended stay. This also holds true for older dogs who have never boarded before.

If you suffer from separation anxiety: Pets can sense your anxiety, so your being calm and comfortable helps them feel a sense of comfort. Relax and enjoy your getaway! Remember, your pet is in good hands. He/She is enjoying a new outing and is probably receiving as much or even more attention than they normally do at home!

Please be sure your pet is flea and tick-free. We also ask that they have their vaccinations at least 10 days prior to their stay.


Let us know any problems or special needs your pet may have, such as hearing loss, fear of thunder, excessive barking, ect. Knowing this ensures we provide the best care for your pet.

Make sure you know your travel and boarding dates let us know the dates you intend to drop off and pick up your pet.

Health and Vaccination Records

We ask that you bring vaccination records.

Bedding and Toys

Pets are provided bedding but if your pet has special bedding, we ask that it can be laundered if needed. Feel welcome to bring any special toys or anything else that will make your pet feel at home. Though, some toys are hazardous to pets and we reserve the right to restrict any toys or treats that may harm your pet.


Be sure to bring any special medicines your pet is currently taking along with dosing directions and any special instructions your vet may have provided. The cost of administering medications will be 2.50 for once daily, 5.00 for twice daily and 7.50 for three times daily. Any dog requiring injection medications will be 5.00 per injection.


We recommend you bring your pets food because a sudden diet change can lead to gastrointestinal distress. Bring enough for visit and a little extra in a ziplock clearly marked package. However, if you choose for us to provide meals, we feed Diamond Adult or Fromm Adult. The cost is 2.50 per day for dogs 25 pounds or less and 5.00 per day for dogs 26 pounds or up.

Checking Out and Returning Home

Pets tend to be excited when you arrive and when they’re home, so be careful about overfeeding and offering too much water initially. Offer a few ice cubes and a small amount of food until your pet calms down and gets into his/her normal routine.