Lola and her crew playing.
Romo and Ikey being Great!
Tag-You’re It!

We offer a special place to stay with attention and stimulation for all breeds!

Prices include:

  • Minimum three outside trips or play times in the morning and three in the afternoon
    (Weather permitting)
  • Supervised play groups–we seek good matches for play time according to dog size, play style and energy level.
  • Play groups might include day care dogs for extra socialization opportunities (if compatible with your dog)
  • Medicine administration if needed*
  • Kennel treats and more love than your dog could ask for!
  • Free bath for 5-night stays

*Note: the cost of administering medications will be $2.50 for once daily, $5.00 for twice daily and $7.50 for three times daily. If your dog requires injection medications, the cost will be $5.00 per injections.

We are not your average boarding facility! We get to know your pet and understand his/her individual traits and personality.


0-25 lbs and under $25/night
26-45 lbs $30/night
46-75 lbs $35/night
76+ lbs $40/night
Family pricing:  2 dogs under 25lbs staying together*: $40/night  2 dogs under 45lbs staying together*: $50/night  2 dogs under 75lbs staying together*. $60/night  2 dogs 76+lbs staying together*. $70/night  Have more than two dogs?
Additional dogs are $15/each.*Dogs must be able to eat, sleep, etc.  together
Suite $65 – 1st dog/$10 per each additional dog

Bring your dog in as early as 7:30am and pick up as late as 5:45pm, we only charge per night.

  • Early Pick Ups: There is a fee of $10 per night per suite from your original scheduled pick up date.
  • Holiday Reservations:  At time of booking your reservation you will be charged a 3 night Non Refundable Deposit to reserve your pets stay.
  • Starting January 1, 2018: ALL boarding dogs are to be picked up by 11:00 am on their scheduled pick up date. ANY pick up after 11:00 am will include a $10.00 charge.



  • All dogs must have a current vaccination record on file (includes Rabies/Distemper/Parvo)
  • Dogs also need a Bordetdella vaccine within 1 year prior to their reservation
  • We strongly recommend that you bring your dog’s own food for meals in order to help alleviate GI problems, however, if you choose for us to provide meals, we feed Diamond Adult or Fromm Adult. The cost is $2.50 per day for dogs 25 pounds or less and $5.00 per day for dogs 26 pounds or up.  Please mark your food containers with your pet’s name; if you are bringing canned food, please be sure your pet’s name is on every can. Extra charge for supplements/vitamins or food beyond kibble and canned food.
  • Must be 14+weeks
  • Must be on flea & tick preventative
  • Unfortunately for the health and well being of the dogs in our care we can not board pets until at least 2 weeks after adopting a dog from a shelter, breeder and/or being on an airline flight.
  • H3N2 Vaccine
       20% discount on daycare/boarding for Active Military, Police Officers, and Firefighters

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